Specialty Silicone Products (SSP) uses state-of-the-art cutting and insertion equipment to create standard and custom septa that meet all your requirements. Unlike our competitors, we keep large quantities of process materials in stock so that we can complete your orders quickly. We can also dial-in properties such as cleanliness, ease-of-piercing, and compatibility with autosamplers.   

At our manufacturing facility in Ballston Spa, New York, SSP maintains an in-house machine shop where we design, build, and maintain all our molds and dies. This cuts the time and cost that’s required for new tooling. We don’t just make your septa more quickly either. At SSP, we select the right silicone and optional film barrier to get the right re-sealing properties for your application. 

Low-Bleed Silicones and High-Quality PTFE Films 

The proprietary silicones that SSP uses are platinum-catalyzed for analytical purity. Unlike peroxide-cured materials, platinum-cured silicones are free from off-gassing and byproducts that can contaminate your samples. Plus, SSP has the manufacturing know-how to mold these ultra-low bleed silicones with precision. We can also create small-to-large runs of septa economically.     

If your application requires a film barrier, you’ll find we use only the highest quality PTFE materials. We’re careful in our choice of PTFE films, and are ready to support your choice of color. With our proprietary technology, we can bond PTFE film to silicone in a PTFE/silicone or PTFE/silicone/PTFE combination. We can also bond the septa to polypropylene caps without compromising the silicone’s analytical properties. 

Septa-Cap Assemblies and Cap Mats 

SSP also provides septa assemblies for magnetic caps that are bonded or assembled. We offer standard and custom septa that’s designed for autosamplers, robotic devices that are coupled with laboratory instruments to speed processing and reduce handling. Applications such as analytical chemistry and laboratory diagnostics also depend upon our septa liners. 

Plus, SSP is the right choice for cap mats made of very clean silicones or other high-quality materials. Whether you need 96-well cap mats, 384-cap mats, or another custom design, you’ll find the standard or custom septa that you need. With our in-house machine shop, wide selection of process materials, and precision molding, we deliver on quality quickly.  

The SSP Difference 

SSP has one of the industry’s largest ranges of dies, molds, caps, and silicone formulations for septa. With our application knowledge and technical expertise, we can create just about any custom silicone septa or septa/cap assembly. To learn more about what we do and how SSP can meet both your business and your technical requirements, contact us.